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“reducing stress and maximizing style one event at a time”

VOWS Wedding & Event Planning - The VOWS Approach

The VOWS Approach

It's your show. We’re there to support YOU.

We want to reduce your stress and give you the confidence to enjoy the planning and the day!

We wear many hats: planner, coordinator, designer, mediator, sounding board, and often counselor.

We more than understand complicated families, politics that arise with money, and sometimes hairy decisions on everything from what to serve at the bar to the traditions of the day. And of course, we understand about that one crazy uncle! Everyone has one!

This is a collaboration. We’re used to many cooks in the kitchen; weddings, especially, are a family affair. We are more than happy to collaborate with all who want to be a part of the planning.

You define our role. We will work with you to handle as much or as little of your event as you wish. It’s your day, your money. We’re there to help you make your vision a reality.